Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Emotions Dice

To make Emotion Dice, was really an excuse to use the new wood burner that has been waiting since Christmas to come out of it's package!
I copied faces from a previous project, 'Emotion Rocks' and combined it with another dice game we made, 'Animal Action Dice'
Before we played, I had a trial run, to see if O & C could recognize the emotions of each face of the die.
C calls the Worried Face pictured above, "wivering (quivering) worm" !

 Angry Frog!
It was serious entertainment to watch as O & C rolled the two die (Animal, Emotions) and acted them out!
After a few rounds of documenting their actions with pictures, they wanted to solely see themselves on camera, making faces.


Then they tried a few combinations as a duo!

We tackle emotions projects on a fairly regular basis. A few samplers below!

Storm-in-a-bottle. This was a great project made just prior to becoming a big sister!
Emotion Cups & Flip Dolls.  
The Many Faces of Toddlerhood.

The Big Book of Feelings.

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