Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Frosty the Noman
O writes the date.
C draws the weather.
Here you see a Snowman on May 31st, courtesy of C!

We jumped into a round of Pictionary after determining the date and weather.
C continues to surprise us with her creative juices!
I kept guessing what I thought was being drawn, when O blurted out "CROCODILE!"
"That's RIGHT!" C smiled to her big sister and they exchanged chalk, again.

Then it was O's turn.
"Someone eating a watermelon?" I suggested.
"Nope," she smirked, "me in the bath with bubbles, putting soap on my face like Santa Claus!"

Needless to say, O & C always win Pictionary! 
I need to learn how to be more creative with my work!

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