Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garden Time!

Seed Monsters!

It's that time of year again!
On a few different days we have attempted planting, but just couldn't wing it. Usually entire bags of wee seeds ended up spread somewhere in the grass...that is currently a few feet high!
This time I came in with a new plan. 

We started by making trenches with bamboo poles.
To make the trenches easily visible, we poured a line of water into them.

From there, we took a handful of seeds and got to work, with much more success than previous attempts.
Seeds actually made it to the raised beds!
Then we labeled popsicle sticks and marked the rows.

Purslane & Rainbow Chard (Last years returning plants)

Last Fall, I uprooted the entire garden after we harvested all the veg.
The few leafy greens and herbs I cut down to the soil, popped up again weeks ago and are going strong.
NOTE TO SELF: This Fall, avoid uprooting leafy greens!

Spicy Arugula

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