Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wing Span: Measurement Math

'Bird' is a beautiful book!!
There ARE labels for each of the birds, their genus, species and latin names, a few pages before the end of the book.

We combined it with the DK book 'Bird' to learn about wings, in particular, wing span.

Then we compared our own height, with that of the second largest flying bird, the swan, whose single wingspan measures 60cm.

We used the trick of measuring our arm span to see if it compared to our height.
For O & Baby C, it was approximately equal. However, for a full-grown adult, it is spot on!
It was also a great way to introduce centimeters.
O was in charge of taking measurements, while I recorded them on corresponding painters tape.

Wing Span!

Swan 60cm
O 115cm height (110cm wingspan)
Baby C 92cm height (84cm wingspan)
Mom 150cm height (150cm wingspan)

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