Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Smash Subtraction

 Get the Ball Rolling
Smash Subtraction got big ratings!
Math, in the form of a game, it is much less intimidating than coming from a sheet of equations.

Step #1. Get the ball rolling. O rolled out 14 play dough balls and set them aside.

Step #2. Write an equation. The first number written, O had to count out in play dough balls. We then used the 'minus' sign to indicate how many she could 'take away' (in this case, SMASH!)

Step #3. Count the leftovers. It equals the difference.

War. This activity is basically hiding math in the form of a game. First divide the entire deck of cards evenly among the number of players. Each slap down your first card. Highest card takes all cards played. If you compete with another player for highest card, you each lay 3 cards face down and play the last card, to see who wins them all.
Baby C even plays this game with us. Beware of boredom, as she will turn it into 52 Pick-Up or, as she calls it, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!"
Two rounds tops, before cards start raining!!

GO Fish. A great 'first' deck of cards game for number recognition. Baby C plays this one too, but needs a little help. And the conversations are quite candid!
O: "Mom, do you have a 5?"
C: "Ask Charlotte!" 
O: "Okay, Charlotte, do you have a 5?"
C: "No. But next time I get one, I give it to you, okay!?"

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