Friday, April 22, 2016

Sci Fri-Winch Work

Our plan was to create a simple winch
It would help us enhance Sci Fri and connect us to the story of The Lorax, which we have been reading in honour of Earth Day. When we asked Daddy to help us find a recycled 'winch wheel', he came home with this gigantic spool!

It was so large, we threaded it with a broom handle. A winch covers the criteria for several basic machines: wheel and axle, lever and pulley. (Though ours was lacking an actual lever).

Testing the Winch

O is an engineer of contraptions and on many occasions has set out to make her own pulley systems in the yard. So she was not convinced our winch worked any better than some of her inventions.
She went on to demonstrate her point!
Point taken.

We then figured out that our gigantic spool fits snugly on it's side while being rolled down our balance beam!

Once-ler's Voice Pipe Phone. 

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