Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sci Fri: Willy Nilly Birds

Fun Friday! Bird Blast-off!!
I rarely buy balloons, so this was a big treat all-round.
Sending our feathered friends willy nilly around the house was a huge hit!
We never knew quite where they would land and their feathers followed floating down shortly after, eliciting loads of laughter!
We learned about how birds require:
1) lift and
2) thrust
in order to fly.
Not to mention the lightness of their hollow bones.
When the balloons were barely inflated, O & Baby C definitely noticed their lack of flying ability!

After I had blown up two soggy, slobbered balloons a hundred times, O & Baby C attempted blowing up their own!
"This balloon is soaked!" 
I told Baby C as I rinsed it under water.
"NOW it is," she replied!

Bird Races. We've done this one before in the form of balloon races, without the addition of a cup made to look like a bird!

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