Monday, April 11, 2016

Sci Fri: Bird Bones

To demonstrate how birds bones are actually hollow yet maintain strength, giving the birds the ability for flight, we used this experiment for 'Sci Fri'
It combined a bit of biology with a hint of engineering, requires very few supplies and boasts a speedy set up.

O rolled three sheets of paper into tubes and cut legs for adhering to the paper plate.
Baby C then taped the legs down.
We talked about how a tri-pod formation would give the paper plate some extra stability.

Before we started adding coins, we each estimated how many coins the structure would support.
Baby C guessed, "two, because I am two!" while O guessed five.
Once we passed the count of five, O changed her guess to 170!

We actually were able to fill the plate with the 280 coins fully supported.
I asked if weight distribution (spreading the coins evenly on the plate) contributed to it's stability.
So, we centered a bowl of coins in the middle and tried other heavy objects to see how solid the structure would remain.
Nothing could knock down the hollow-legged tri pod!

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