Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nest Still Life

"Five little birds without any home
Five tall tree's in a row.
Come build your nests in our branches long
And we'll rock you to and fro."
~'Five Little Bird' Fingerplay
I love 'An Everyday Story' (check out their new Reggio-inspired homeschool room!
I wasn't sure however, if O & Baby C would take interest in Observational Drawing. We collected the nests around our house, added a feather assortment and prepped them with pencil and paper.

First we watched nest-making clips, noting materials and techniques.
Blue Tit
O's Swirl Technique
O used a swirling technique, that turned our very realistic.
Baby C watched carefully before joining in the swirling technique and then added an egg outside the nest.

O added a feather. I love the solid shape that she noticed, with a tapering at one end.

Baby C decided to add some collage to her work and included a downy soft feather in the center of her swirls.

To complete O's piece, she included five teeny Robin's egg's.

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