Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gnomes & Numbers: Roman Numerals

In the first story of Gnomes and Numbers, we are introduced to the four gnomes and their masses of jewels they hide in the center of the Earth.
They cannot decide how to share them, so they use a twigs to count and divide the jewels.

Baby C was in charge of counting out jewels (glass beads), while O used popsicle sticks to serve as broken twigs. In this story, when the Gnomes reach five, they realize that continuing to use single twigs will take forever, so they switch the twigs to a V shape (though Roman Numerals,  4 is represented as I before V, so you may have to alter your version!).

Once we reached 10, O & Baby C gathered the jewels in a pile and divided them evenly between the Gnomes.

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