Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Plantable Paper Earth

Shredding paper, soaking it in warm water, whizzing it up, adding seeds and squeezing the 'juice' from pulp is a sensory dream come true! We found these sweet Plantable Paper Earth's on 'MPMK'

We started off by taking a closer look at sheets of paper with the magnificent Jeweler's Loupe's.
Ours magnify objects thirteen times to get a super close-up of everyday materials.
We could easily see the fibers of the construction paper.

After shredding and ripping a bowl of each blue (water) and green (land) paper, we added boiling water and watched as the paper fibers soaked up the H2O.
A few minutes later, we used our second-hand 'science' blender, to whiz our paper into pulp.

Leftover seeds from last years catalog purchase, are aplenty, but in honour of Earth Day, we chose the Bee Pollinator Mix, to invite our insects friends to the garden.

An old screen was saved from our window reno's, specifically for paper-making.
We pushed "a pinch of this and a pinch of that" pulp, into round cookie cutters, over the screen, while squishing out the excess water.
You have to carefully lift the cookie cutter and press your pulp down to prevent your circle from falling apart.

We set out the screen in the sunshine for several hours to dry out our Plantable Paper Earth's!

Seed Tape Flowers. Imagine Childhood is chocked full of lovely gifts and a wonderful blog of DIY activities.
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