Monday, April 11, 2016

Domino Addition

Domino math games are a plenty. We started with a simple addition game.
I gave O a strip of paper, folded into even sections, before asking her to write the consecutive numbers.
We then spread the domino's on the floor and began adding them up to match their corresponding digit.

This game has the advantage of demonstrating that there are several addition equations that make up any given number. For example, 2+5=7, but also 3+4 and 6+1....etc etc.

Once we got into the double digits and the number of left over domino's was diminishing, the challenge increased! For some sets, she required three domino's to create the sum needed.
I helped when asked, but tried not to correct during the process.

All the while, Baby C was sitting beside us pretending to read Hans Christian Anderson. 
She popped into the picture to show us that the page numbers matched digits on O's number line!

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