Monday, March 28, 2016


Grandpa has an old brown sugar jar that served as the perfect Wormery jar!
With some beautiful black soil and play sand, we layered in an AB AB pattern, to witness the worms at work. 'Frugal Fun 4 Boys' has some fantastic tutorial pictures.

O and Baby C collected the creatures and tore dead leaves into shreds.

Once indoors, the worms quickly burrowed through the sand and soil. We covered the outside of the Wormery with black construction paper, to trick the worms into thinking they were actually 'underground'.

Within an hour, we could witness the tunnels being created!
Make a list of favourite worm food and add compost to the top of your wormery.

Worm Food/Feeding Instructions. Scroll down for the list of Do's & Do Not's.
Wormery for the Homesteader. This is a beautiful design for a backyard wormery (you can even use the worm juice on your garden!)
Worm Towers. Underground wormery tutorials.
Worm Compost Bin.
What's an Earthworm Worth? 


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