Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wiggly Tissue Worms

This project was awesome!
Luckily I cut a large stack of tissue paper, because we all wanted to witness the worms in action, again and again.

There is a trick to getting a good tissue worm, that took more than several tries to figure out!
It's in how loosely to roll the tissue paper around a very stiff straw. Rolling too tight will not allow you to be able to pinch it well enough to get good results once the water is added by dropper.

We also learned by 'accident' that putting the pinched worm on a wet spot, also results in some very cool expanding! We even had one worm lift it's head right up off the table!

While we were working on making the worms move, O was conducting her own experiment; extracting pink dye from the tissue paper!

Pink Handed

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