Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tissue Painting: Colourful Lines

 Intense Art
Continuing with our line and form work, while segueing into Rainbow Activities, we found this sweet (and incredibly addictive!) project on 'Bloom Bake Create'

I laid out pre-cut tissue paper strips, water, paintbrushes and a thick watercolour paper.
Once wet, you can attach the tissue strips to the paper in your chosen layout. The darker colours in particular, then bleed. According to the tutorial, you can strip away the tissue once dry to leave colourful imprints.
But the artwork was far too vivid, so we left the tissue intact.


O even discovered her own technique for strips that floated off of her paper; she wet the ends and tore them away, leaving a frayed edge.
Fairy-Sized Paper!
After completing the art, there were leftover bits of tissue.
I found both O & Baby C dipping the wet tissue into water and creating mini sculptures, eventually flattening them out to announce they were making paper!

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