Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sci Fri: Homemade Gingerale

Homemade Gingerale has nothing to do with Worm Week.
However, it was a fun experiment for Sci Fri that grew out of necessity (upset tummy!) 
We used a 2L bottle of Club Soda, removed 2 cups and tripled the ginger mixture, so we could make it right in the bottle.
NOTE: If you are adding the ginger mixture to the carbonated water bottle, try doing it over the sink. I did not! Science happened right before our eyes and all over our floor;) 
NOTE 2: Club soda is actually artificially carbonated. If you prefer a more natural bubbly water, mineral water would work too.

The recipe was close enough to a 'mild' gingerale taste.
I'm sure the critics would have accepted a sweeter version (adding more honey!)

Homemade Gingerale.
Ginger Syrup.

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