Thursday, March 17, 2016

Process Vs. Product Art

When I am putting more effort into the preparation of an art activity, it is a sure sign that it's a Product as opposed to a Process piece. Product Art frequents kindergarten classrooms; teachers and aides spend hours cutting and prepping pieces for children to simply glue together. All of the products turn out generally the same, with slight deviation initiated by the 'rebels'.

Lesson learned with these sweet 'Rainbow Crowns'
As I was working hard cutting pieces, O & Baby C were adding their input on how to change the original design (moving the rainbow strip, changing the colour of the clouds).
Basically informing me that this was too rigid an assignment in the name of art.

Once I had completed the crowns, O disappeared and created her own.
She returned and announced that she had made Bunny Ears; a stylish design of a bunny head with a star shaped mouth. She insisted that I give her an elastic cut into one long piece to thread through the star.
Then she proudly wore her invention.

She demonstrated a clear example of PROCESS ART.
Where she ...
a) had more fun
b) expressed her creativity
c) learned in the process
d) taught her mother a lesson!
(Note: All of the above, are the correct answers!)

Process Art often finds children mucking around with supplies and not producing anything in particular, in the eyes of an adult.
Tricky in a classroom environment.
Very feasible and encouraged in home school.

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