Thursday, March 3, 2016

Invitation to Play: Post Office

Once we identified the Maple Leaf, we set out for a field trip to the central Post Office to play several rounds of 'Find the Flag' before buying stamps for an Invitation to Play

We set up a station with envelopes, lined paper, writing utensils and stamps. I wanted to squeeze in a lesson on how to address an envelope, but it was too late! Letter-writers were anxious to get to work!

We bought a page-worth of one penny stamps adorned with little ladybugs.
Baby C had no interest in the right-hand corner and went to town licking and sticking!

She was working very hard on her penmanship!

You can purchase these stationary holders, or make one yourself!
Hubby took a round-edge 4x4, cut off the ends on an angle, sliced same angle slots and drilled holes for pens/pencils.

We followed up our activity with Canada Books by Kim Bellefontaine, chocked full of Canadian facts and bold illustrations!

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