Thursday, March 3, 2016


The blizzard arrived just in time for our construction of the Inuksuk (ee-nuk-shuck).

Baby C's Inuksuk
We talked about Northern Canada, climate and culture, with a focus on the fun engineering of the Welcoming Rock. Starting with a set of wooden blocks, we created indoor Inuksuks.

Literacy with Blocks!
O decidedly wanted to make letters!

Once outdoors we were hard-pressed to find rocks under the snow! Particularly rocks of the shapes and sizes we needed. So we subbed in some 4x4 cut-offs from the wood pile!

Before construction was complete, Baby C wanted to use the leg-base as a table top, as it was just her height!

An Inuksuk Means Welcome. A beautiful book that uses the letters of the work 'Inuksuk' to introduce important aspects of the Inuit culture and language.

KUNIK: 'Eskimo' Kiss

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