Monday, March 28, 2016

Early Birds

We opted out of the whipped cream and gummie worms and replaced them with Chocolate Mousse and spaghetti!

For a little girl who eats actual dirt and kisses real live worms, Baby C was not impressed that we asked her to fish out worms without using her hands!

She was concerned that the Chocolate Mousse would go up her nose!

O on the other hand, dove right in!

And Baby C then followed suit and had a lot of fun getting messy!

Best Worm Picture Books.

Worms by Bernard Friot. This is a funny tale about a boy who is forced to sit through a boring business dinner his father is hosting. When he is asked to bring in the salads, he adds a worm to each bowl and is entertained by the guests reactions! A BIG HIT!
O tells us that she is going to do something tricky next time we eat salad, but she is not going to tell us what!

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