Thursday, March 24, 2016

Crepe Carrots & Bunny Surprise Balls

This project was too sweet to pass up!
You can opt for Crepe Paper Carrots
or Carrot Cones
We bought some rectangular fruit leathers and cut stickers into long strips, as the center surprise.
Since we couldn't find only orange crepe, we used Rainbow Crepe Paper and did our first few rounds in various colours before finishing off with orange. Add a tuft of green for carrot tops and you have yourself a little Spring Surprise!

Our next gift attempt were Bunny Surprise Balls.
I did a sample, but honestly, Baby C in her haphazard rolling fiasco, made an awesome ball (mine was more of a flattened orb!) We then glued on ears before O and Baby C added details to the bunny faces.

Rainbow Crepe is gorgeous on it's own! Last year we used them to make Mini Pinata's (that I swore I would never again attempt!)

Inside the Bunny Ball's we opted for a wee bag of Bunny Tails (a.k.a. Vegan Marshmallows)

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