Thursday, March 3, 2016

'Copper Thunderbird': Art of Norval Morriseau

Before anyone else could get a glimpse, Baby C was found leafing through the pages of Norval Morriseau's book of work from the library. She was quick to point out, in the piece above, that it was camoflauged with birds.
I completely missed these!
Then she continued to find other work with hidden animals that I definitely did not see without her guidance!

'Picasso of the North', or 'Copper Thunderbird', our Mr. Norval Morriseau study has been a beautiful addition to our Canadian themed activities this week.

We took some time to flip though the pieces and talk about his use of black outline, bold colours and nature themes. We also looked at how Morriseau layered his colours in interesting combinations.
When it was time to get to work on our own pieces, I introduced scissors and black paper for formation of the first layer.

Baby C was thrilled to be included in scissor-work and 'fringed' her way around every sheet of construction paper she could get her hands on!!

The Fringe!

O worked hard to cut out various shapes (butterfly wings, triangles, squares, circles) and wanted to glue them on separate pieces of paper. She liked the look of a piece of paper with 'missing' shapes and included them in her piece.
Then the duo insisted on a photo reel of their work and character!

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