Monday, March 21, 2016

Bunny Bento

Japanese Bento boxes are a sweet way to spice up a mealtime, not to mention very time consuming!
It's best to include little diners in on the project!
I found this Bunny Bento inspiration for our First Week of Spring activities

We used Glutinous Rice, but sticky/sushi rice or your regular rice cooked with extra water will do.
We then sliced veggie sticks, avocado and a sprig of cilantro to make Carrot Rolls. You can add a little dipping sauce and sesame seeds for flavour and nutrition boost.

The wait time was a bit longer than our diners could handle, so Baby C literally Dug In when her rabbit arrived!

O opted to try out her own Bunny for Brunch.
I served up a bowl of sticky rice and sliced veg and she went to town creating;)

When I asked Baby C what she would like to eat, she requested "Dead Bunny".
So I served the following:

This is our third Easter holiday in Canada. Notoriously, we find a bunny in our neighbourhood that has been hit by a car and becomes the talk of the dinner table. The first year, O was intent to return to it every day, loaded with new questions each time. 
The second Easter, I thought it was simple a nasty coincidence. 
This year, Baby C is talking up this bunny and wants full disclosure of it's bits and pieces! 
I wasn't overly surprised when she requested Dead Bunny for Brunch.

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