Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bunny Bags

O is always seeking the opportunity to sew. When I found this sweet tutorial for Bunny Bags, I guessed this would be something that would interest her.

We started with the familiar, hand-stitching before moving to the mechanical machine sewing.
I gave each O & C their own embroidery needles, buttons and ribbon roses to decorate the bunny face.

Baby C has used a needle and thread before, but she amazed me at how she understood the concept of returning the needle on the same side (rather than wrapping the thread to the back.) She hand-stitched all the features completely on her own. 
I was just there to thread the needle and tie off when told.

To sew the front and back together, I let O have a go at the sewing machine.
It seemed to be more daunting to her than needle and thread. 
We went over very basic steps; foot down, needle down, peddle down.
Concentration was high!

Both were thrilled with their finished pieces of work and quickly ran into the kitchen to find snacks that would be well contained in their new bags!

"Ears So Funny Fingerplay"
Here's a little bunny (hold two fingers up)
With ears so funny
And here is a hole in the ground (make a circle with fingers of opposite hand)
The first sound she hears
She perks up her ears
And hops down the hole in the ground!

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