Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vegan Bites: Blueberry Muffins

'Crazy Vegan Kitchen' has a fabulous blueberry muffin recipe that we tweaked a bit for our own kitchen, replacing sugar with maple syrup, changing the temperature and time, using a Chia Egg instead of Flax, but we definitely did not omit the lemon zest!! Good thing!

O has been asking, "Why can't you make blueberry muffins? It's easy. Just make muffins and put blueberries in them."
She was very willing to help with the process and eager to taste the results.

Berry Blueberry Muffins
~1/4c coconut oil
~1T maple syrup
~lemon zest
~1c blueberries
~1T arrowroot starch
Over low heat, combine oil, syrup, zest and berries. Once mashed, stir in starch and set aside.
~2 1/2c flour
~2 1/2t baking powder
~1t salt
Sift dry.
~1c maple syrup
~2T chia seeds
~1/3c olive oil
~1c rice milk with 1T apple cider vinegar ("buttermilk")
Mix wet ingredients and fold into dry with...
~1c blueberries

Fill muffin cups. Add spoon of lemon zest jam on top and swirl with a chopstick.
Bake at 375 from 20-25 mins.

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