Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sci Fri: Robotic Hands

The making of the Robiotic Hand was a two person project and neither one of those people was O or Baby C!
After tracing O's hand, we went to work with elastic, plastic straws and yarn to put together the tendons and bones!

Then we got to work trying out Robotics!
It was very tricky to figure out which tendons to pull on in order to get the fingers to bend.
Once we got the hang of things, we worked on some Sign Language!

Sign Language. Incorporating ASL is a great way to demonstrate the importance of our hands!

Five Little Monkey's. Whenever we get the chance to borrow or buy scholastic Storybook Treasure's, we're in. They are basically books on DVD. This one included ASL!

Teach Your Baby to Sign. Lovely illustrations and photographs of small children signing. Both O & Baby C will flip through this book on their own and search for signs they recognize.

American Sign Language Dictionary. This is one of the best signing books I've come across. It has illustrations and explanations of how the sign came to be understood.

Sing A Song. I learned a few simple signs and taught this to my former students. O & Baby C are learning it now and I catch them trying it on their own time!

You Are My Sunshine. Also a fantastic song to throw in a few signs. 

Lemonade. Baby C picked this one up immediately!

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