Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sci Fri: Paper-making & Embossing Methods

Who knew toilet paper could be so multi-functional?
We started by counting ten sheets each and placed them in old soap bottles.

Then we added 1/4 bottles worth of warm water and shook like mad!

Once we made mush, we worked hard to get it out of the bottles and into the strainer with the help of a chopstick!

Then we patted out the water between two sheets of waxed paper.
Really good toilet paper sucks the water back quickly, so you have to work diligently to get results;)

Our flattened sheets took about two days total to dry out.
The paper is very delicate, particularly around the edges where the fibres are less concentrated.

Embossing is a fantastic project for handmade paper, but reverse embossing proved to be a bit tricky.

Since our cardboard was ultra thin, the imprint was not very evident.

Faint Imprint
So we resorted to our original embossing method; stacking our image in several layers, wetting handmade paper and pressing it on top of the embossing plate.

Trash Talk. Fabulous read with tons of interesting facts about how people are utilizing waste around the world.

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