Friday, February 5, 2016

Sci Fri: Moon Phases

Chinese festivals follow the Lunar calendar. Chinese New Year is held on the first day of the New Moon in the new year. CNY ends fifteen days (half month) later on the Full Moon which marks the date of the Lantern Festival.

We incorporated some Lunar Science into our CNY celebration week with an activity by 'We Made That' with some minor alterations to Moon construction.


We used a volleyball and wrapped it in foil, as the Moon, giving it a crater-filled appearance.
I asked a few questions about the Moon,
"What shape is the Moon?"
"What do you think the Moon is made of?"
(concentrations of aluminum, maybe! )

We moved ourselves around the Foil Moon to witness the different phases that make up a month

We attempted taking a look with lights off during the daytime, but the best results came in complete darkness. The clearest views from the foil reflection were the Full Moon, New Moon and crescent moons.

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