Friday, February 26, 2016

Sci Fri: Magic Pipe Cleaners

"How can we make pipe cleaners move without touching them?"
We introduced this question as I presented O & Baby C each with a clear soap bottle of 1" pipe cleaners.
Baby C told me, "Fill the bottle with water!"
True! Adding water would absolutely make the pipe cleaners move!

When I gave them each a magnet, O set straight to work, 'pulling' the pipe cleaners along the side. She even figured out that laying the bottle on it's side would prevent the pipe cleaner from losing it's magnetic grip, so she could coax them out of the bottle mouth!

Baby C took a much more direct route and stuck the magnet-on-a-string straight into the bottle!

She was very disappointed with O's discovery and immediately returned to her own solution; dipping the magnet straight in!

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