Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Salt Trays: Three Ways

 Glass Pebbles

Salt trays are a simple base for creating an Exploration Table.
With very little cost, you can add some loose parts to your salt tray that can result in hours of discovery.
Salt itself can be literally spiced up (Sunshine Salt https://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2014/10/sunshine-salt.html featured above) to enhance the sensory experience.

Glass Pebbles
A few bags of blue and green glass pebbles from the dollar store can be used to make mandala's or practice writing numbers and letters. They can also be incorporated into visual math problems. (Add some rocks with math symbols +, - and =)

 Colour-Base Finger Writing
Finger Writing
Our salt tray is a wooden Melissa & Doug box we decided to use instead of toss.
The bottom is black, so when you add a thin layer of salt for letter-tracing, the base colour comes through.
You could also add solid colour or rainbow paper to enhance the sensory experience.
Using fingers to write, is a good start to practice spelling before introducing writing tools.

 Shells & Zen Garden
Shell & Zen Garden 
We save a basket of shells from our beach adventures for exploration projects.
Add a few shells with varying shapes to encourage a geometric component to exploration.
Include a fork or fir pine branch (rake) to make your own Zen Garden.

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