Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paper Magic: Heart Quilling

After seeing these two lovely samplings of quilling, we set to work with rainbow-coloured paper strips and the simple tools of chopsticks and bamboo skewers.


Qipao Buttons

We even noticed our work was similar to the Chinese-style buttons on O's qipao!
I made a few for Baby C to arrange on her paper, but O was working independently and eager to know if the hot glue gun would be involved!

She then arranged a page similar to my sample.


But within a few minutes she was bored of the results and exclaimed she was going to create a pop-up.
A pop up?
I had no idea.

She took the base of the hearts and hot glued them to paper so they stood out.
It looks amazing!! Instead of telling her just how amazing, I congratulated her on her ingenuity to make something uniquely her own.

Sweet Stories.

'Hug Machine' was a favourite that everyone asked to hear multiple times. There is no real storyline, just a bo who loves to hug everything in sight, until he is worn out at the end of the day and ends up in his mothers arms.

'It's Only Stanley' also won rave reviews at our house. It is also not necessarily a Valentine read, but a book about a dog who is in love with a dog in space. He spends the book preparing the house for take-off and before they know it, the family of 6 ends up on the moon!
You can't get more original than this book!

'Snowy Valentine' has been my favourite Valentines Day read. It wasn't full of chocolates and pink frills, but rather a husband bunny who is on a search for the perfect gift for his wife. When he returns home from an unsuccessful search, a cardinal points out a unique gift that he made on his travels.

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