Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Easy Weave

With a load of projects lined up using wool and felt, we decided to start with something simple; the Easy Weave.
All you need is a shape of cardboard and some scraps of yarn.
Cut some nicks around the cardboard edges for grasping your yarn strands.

We bunched our yarn strands into their own piles to prevent tangling!

Handiwork is the basis of Waldorf education.
There is great value in using your hands to create, but also to develop the motor skills necessary for hand-writing.
Loads of advanced projects can be found below!

Intro to Weaving.
Circle Weave.
Carboard Weave.
Clipboard Weave.
Matchbox Weave.
Hula Hoop Weave.
Stick Loom.
We have incorporated a giant version on this in our backyard art studio, from a find in the forest.
Wood Frame Weave. 
Homemade Looms.!&utm_campaign=20150704_m126450796_Summer+Fun+and+Outside+Play!&utm_term=Unique+Homemade+Weaving+Looms+for+Kids 
Children's Artwork.

Extra Yarn. Modern classics, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen team up for this sweet 'fairy tale' about a girl with a magic box of yarn and a penchant for making things!

Stringalongs. Auntie gifted us this instant DIY book that gets plenty of attention from busy fingers!

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