Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Daily Doodle: The Witch

O evidently loves scary stuff.
She wants to hear scary stories, read scary books and look at scary pictures.
She likes to freak herself out!

When Tinkerlab holds a Sketchbook Challenge http://tinkerlab.com/get-started-the-tinkersketch-challenge/, we attempt incorporating this into our Daily Doodle time.
For 2/22, the prompt was the word, 'Curvy'.
This is what O came up with!

Her Description:
"This is a witch.
She made herself that tall.
She gives children medicine (in her sack on the right), to make them fall asleep so she can eat them.
She already has some babies in her tummy."
(Silly) Me: "Awww. How cute."
(O turns to me with a serious face.)
"No, mom. Because she ATE THEM!"

Then she continued to draw a kid entering the witches mouth!!

Yikes! Watch our Grimm Brothers!

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