Thursday, February 4, 2016

CNY: Sticky Coconut Pudding

 Before (Baking)

Chinese New Year celebrations are not complete without the creation of food!
Though these coconut puddings seem to suit island-life, there is definitely no shortage of glutinous rice in Chinese cooking.
Add some coconut milk and maple syrup and you have yourself a sticky confection!
Even before baked, these were subject to disappearing!


replacing sugar with maple syrup and boiling rice in a plain old pot instead of a rice cooker.

This recipe calls for a HUGE quantity of pudding!
Since it's so yummy warm, half the recipe will fill 12 muffin cups, if you didn't want to commit to the full amount.

Sticky Coconut Rice Cakes
~1 & 1/2c coconut milk (Arroy D brand, no additional ingredients and no preservatives)
~1c maple syrup
~3 & 1/2c water
~4c glutinous rice
Soak the rice 3 hours or more.
Drain and combine with coconut milk, syrup and water.
Boil until liquid is absorbed (stir frequently to avoid burning)
~5T maple syrup
~1/2c water
~2T cornstarch
~2T water
Combine syrup and 1/2c water on stovetop. Mix cornstarch and 2T water before adding to syrup mix to thicken.

Scoop rice mixture into oiled muffin tins. 
Top with glaze and sprinkle with coconut flakes.
Bake at 375, 15-20 mins.


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