Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CNY: Pretty Paper Lanterns

In honour of Chinese New Year, we worked on two styles of paper lanterns.
O was in charge of the first geometric lantern; folding and slicing the shimmery blue paper
while I worked on tiny tassels

The second style of lantern was a super challenge from the amazing 'Just So Festival' in England!
We've been working on pyramids for a few weeks and so these tricky lanterns were a decent extension from weeks previous.

After we styled the skeleton skewers, we tried out two materials for covering; transparency paper and waxed paper. While I was deciding the best way to cut pieces to cover the sides, O presented me with her completed work!

 Lensless "protective" goggles

She was very eager to use the coveted hot glue gun!

As soon as it was ready, O was off and running to find our tiny book lights and a dark space!

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