Thursday, February 18, 2016

Calming Wool Felt Necklace

Garlands galore! These are a soft and simple way to spruce up a weary winter.
We used ours to make a Calming Necklace, by dousing it with Lavender oil,  inspired by these air fresheners.
You can also use them as fragrant dryer balls.

Roving Wool serves very well for winter activities; it's soft, warm and easy to work with.
The colour range available is just plain pretty!

There are several tutorials you can search for to make felt balls.
The basics are:
~ flattening a strip,
~drizzling with liquid soap and
~rolling gently into an orb

Once your orb tightens into a smaller ball, you can dunk in warm water and squeeze out the excess.
Basically, you are working to agitate the fibers to mesh together.
If you are good at ruining wool sweaters in the wash, this is the project for you!

You can intro an old washboard to further encourage agitation.
Once the balls are the size you like, allow them to dry.
Drip a few drops of your favourite essential oils and string into a bracelet or necklace.

Museum Trip.
Where does wool come from? What is involved in the process? Gets hands on with your materials and their sources.

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