Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Uni The Unicorn's Ice Castle

Our ice projects ended last week when the warm weather showed up!
We returned to this Colourful Castle project this week, to compliment the story 'Uni the Unicorn', by Amy Rosenthal.

Once O had arranged her installment of coloured ice blocks, we introduced a little glitter for sprinkling on top.

Here, I believe glitter negotiations are taking place.

I'm not big on girly girl books, so O was shocked when I brought this home from the library!
It's actually a decent read, by our beloved Any Rosenthal, about believing.

Cosmic Kids. Every day after lunch, we settle into the afternoon with a little 'Cosmic Kids Yoga'. 
We combined our Unicorn fantasy play with Jamie's 'Twilight the Unicorn Yoga' session.

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