Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sci Fri: Pyramid Strength

I wish I came up with the name Sci Fri myself, but alas, it was developed by this clever site
Since we were already playing with straws and play dough, we decided to extend our supplies testing Pyramid Strength.


Originally I asked O if she believed the cube or pyramid would be stronger.
She started by making a cube and half way through, changed her hypothesis!
"No, mom. I think a pyramid will be stronger! I can't even make a cube stay up!"

She was right.
We were having to use mass amounts of play dough to get the cube to stay still and then the play dough was so heavy, the cube was caving in.
The pyramid stood the test of engineering and strength.

Purchased second-hand from a libary sale, this book of '150 Great Science Experiments' covers a range of abilities and topics; natural & Earth sciences, technology, transportation.

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