Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sci Fri: Fingerprinting

Baby Powder Prints

A bit of a stretch, but after a weeks worth of Animal Track activities, we decided to celebrate Sci Fri with Fingerprinting.
'E Adventures' offers a lesson plan including printing mediums such as:
~black paper and baby powder
~baby powder and clear packing tape
~ink pads

I thought it would be easy to make prints since they seem to be easy to find all over our house!
But it was actually a challenge to get a good quality print, so we could examine the type of patterns on our fingertips.

Greasy Fingers on Glass

We ended up dipping our fingers in butter (O & Baby C suggested this one!!) and making prints on glass, before dusting them with baby powder.
The results were difficult to see clearly.

Old Fashioned Ink
The old-fashioned ink pad worked very well.
As well as baby powder on packing tape.

 Baby C modifying Mommy's design!

We saved our ink fingerprints and turned them into works of art, courtesy of 'Petit & Small'

O's art was plastered with smiley faces and hats!

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