Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Power Painting!

Power tools for action art = instant winner!!
The first I found was at the lovely Artful Parent, using a power drill to install your brush
The second from 'Housing A Forest', just as fun and twice as messy, we did not attempt (this time!)

O was enthralled with her paintbrush spinning and a bit overwhelmed with the weight of the battery pack!
She tried out some relief printing too, adding green painters tape to remove for effect.

Baby C was eager to have her turn.
I set up her station on a small stool, so she could just focus on pulling the trigger!!

Our unfinished basement is the perfect spot for power art.
All the tools are stored downstairs and there isn't much that can't have a splash on it.
We used a water colour palette which turned out to be not very messy at all.

This will undoubtedly be a project that has requests for repetition!!

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