Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Popsicle Stick Hangman

We were loving up our games of Snowman Hangman, when I discovered Willowday's popsicle stick version! http://www.willowday.com/2014/09/popsicle-stick-hangman.html
There isn't much Willowday produces that isn't full of style. This game features golden popsicle sticks with magnets attached for playing on metallic surfaces.

O and I opted to use our black IKEA kids table, as chalk shows up well.

She loves to stick to her two favourite words, TSC and Harry Potter, so I have to choose some random letters instead of guess the whole word from the start.
"This might be hard for you, mom!" she snickers.

AEIOU and sometimes, What?

The above is O hearing that at least one vowel is in every English word.
She's in disbelief and then shuffles off to the library to try and prove me wrong.

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