Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moving Smart Game

Obstacle Course!

Movement activities are always welcome with wee ones. We combined these Moving Smart games with our Animal Track studies this week.http://movingsmartblog.blogspot.ca/
Movement activities are also a great addition to Circle Time.

Opposite Direction
Tape two lines starting together but moving in opposite directions.
See how far you can walk with one foot on each line.

Tiger, Turtle, Tree
One person call out Tiger! Turtle! Tree!
Players have to make the corresponding movements.

Arm Link
Two players stand back to back and link arms.
Call out directions for them to walk.

Giant Steps, Fairy Steps
One person calls out Giant or Fairy Steps.
Players make corresponding movements.

A Moving Child is a Learning Child. The author of this book and blog touches on the Perils of the 'Academic Creep'. A good start to re-evaluating our educations systems trend towards academics and away from old-fashioned childs play. 

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