Friday, January 15, 2016

Ice Bubbles

In theory, Frozen Bubbles should work.
Freezing cold day + ultra thin surface = instant ice experiment.
On several occasions, I've tried and failed this experiment, so I went looking for tips.

'WWDAD' provided.

 Front Frosted
The piece I was missing was time. 
Allow the bubbles to adhere to a surface and watch them in action. 
The surfaces with most success, were the ice chunks and snowy surfaces, giving the bubbles a frosty base.
As seen above, the foremost bubble starts it's chilly change by going from clear to frosted.

This bubbles transformation was not the same.
It started robust and stuck to the BBQ; it's oily surface clearly visible with the black backdrop.
Then you could slowly see the crystal formations while the air release itself, much like taking a helium balloon out in the cold.

But they never did freeze and shatter, as we chased them around the yard waiting for one to land!
And I'm not going to dare suggest that the temp's need to plummet, in order to witness shattering in full effect.
You won't hear that request from me.
I'm quite okay with a semi-failed experiment;)
You can check this out for crystal magic!

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