Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paint on Wet Glue

Painting on wet glue was a huge success, after we cleaned up the first round of glue that somehow squirted (itself, of course) all over O; dripping off her face and clothes!

Once you drip the food colouring in the glue, magic begins immediately.
Either perfect little circles spread out, or in the case of the red food colouring (nearly a finished bottle) lots of air bubbles came out and produced beautiful chrysanthemum-like designs.
When O pulled the skewer through the colour blots, more designs appeared!
I couldn't stop taking photos of the design transformations.

Really stunning work!

Sadly, when left to dry, the colours blend together and you lose your design.
(Two days later, we're still waiting for the glue to dry to see if we can peel it free of the mold.)

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