Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daily Doodle: The Pencil

Since this is likely the third time we've borrowed this book from the library, it finally went on the Wish List!
Though it is quite a long story for little people, when we have it at home, there are daily requests to READ IT!
It's about a pencil who discovers his ability to draw. Then draws a paintbrush to add to the fun, but runs into troubles when he decides to draw an eraser!

We combined this favourite book with an art project, using an eraser to draw.
First we framed sections of paper with our beloved painters tape (the smaller the squares, the easier it is to cover them in pencil).
Then O & Baby C worked vigourously to shade in the area with pencil.

Serious Concentration!

Once the sections were ready, we introduced 'The Eraser!' to rub out tiny sketches.

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