Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Animal Scavenger Hunt

Our Animal Scavenger Hunt was planned primarily for Baby C
We were planning so many more advanced games focused on Animal Tracks, that I thought throwing in this activity would be age-appropriate for her.
As it turned out, she had to be heavily coaxed to participate by her excited older sister.
When O was finished and exclaimed, "Let's do it again!!"
Baby C literally let out a long, loud *sigh*!

"Wait For Me!!"

I took a good step back and watched the team work in action!
O gifted Baby C a bucket to collect creatures and helped her climb hard-to-reach hiding spots!

Along with some Trail Mix Bracelets, we talked about what we could include in a Field Bag for exploration.
"Tracks Books!"

Who Was Here?
O really enjoyed this read. On one page are some clues and a picture of the tracks.
The following page is the animal and some simple facts, written story-style.

Animal Tracks; Wild Poems to Read Aloud.
All of the poems are based on animals, though only a few touch on track-finding.
Birds in the Snow
We scatter seeds upon the ground.
And watch the birdies eat.
They make a mark of little stars
Beneath their tiny feet.

Tracks we found!

Bird Wings!
Birds (eating our seeds)
Cat & Squirrel

(the tracks you don't want to find so close to home!)

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