Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Animal Hideout Teepee

 Practice Tying
While we were learning how to spot animal tracks, we starting talking about what animals do for a living!
Other than spending their entire day looking for food, they need to make shelter from predators and the elements.
Since we have rabbits that come in the wee hours of the morning, Hubby has taken our discarded Christmas tree and positioned it near our Bird Bush (where the birds hang out while eating the seeds from our porch) to offer the bunnies shelter from the snow.
Since there are so many lovely Fairy Shelter idea's, we stole this one for the bunnies.

 Skeleton of Teepee
I presented O & Baby C with...
~4 dowel rods of the same length,
~a few pieces of twine and
~a few scraps of fabric,
before asking them if they could use these supplies to make a shelter for local wildlife.

They figured out very quickly how to tie the rods to create a teepee.
The size of cloth caused them some headache, since it didn't wrap around perfectly.

When they finished, there happened to be no entrance-way for an animal to get into.
They told me that he could jump into the top, where they left a little opening.

Then Baby C took it upon herself to remove the fabric and test out the entrance!

They thought it was very funny to pretend they were bunnies!

Absolutely a fully-loaded lesson involving problem-solving, math, engineering, construction, practical life skills and language development to name a few.

Treasured Tee Pee. At nine months pregnant with O, I clearly remember squatting on a stool inside our tee pee, to carefully pin and stitch the linen together. 
This is by far my favourite DIY hubby and I put together for the family to enjoy. 

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