Saturday, January 23, 2016

ABC's of Yoga

A sweet ABC Yoga Poster was featured courtesy of it's corresponding book.
I was about the purchase the poster, when I remembered how much O loves posing for pictures;)
('Ham for the Cam' )

She was 100% game to photograph the entire alphabet!

Easy Pose
Flower Pose
Lion Pose
Tree Pose
Waterfall Pose


Friends introduced us to the 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' series last year and since, we have made a yoga session  part of our Daily Rhythm. 
There were poses O was already aware of and had loads of practice, while others were a new challenge!
We combined our photo session with the library loan, 'The ABC's of Yoga for Kids' by Teresa Anne Power, featuring a cartoon drawing as well as catchy poem to go with each pose.

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