Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ABC Cookie Cutters

O has an installment of wooden blocks that change shape every night before bed.
Recently, she has been using the letters to spell words!

A late Christmas pressie arrived in the mail last week.
These cookie cutters are meant for fondant, but work well with an assortment of foods.

I presented O & C each with a plate of their name, mixed up.

Then we used the letters from their names to see how many words we (I) could spell.

A long list started presenting itself!
Cat, toe, love, are, live, cave, rat, rot, tear, lit, lot, the, hot, lore....

We combined our ABC cookie cutters and Popsicle Stick Hangman word games with Amy Rosenthal's clever play-on-words books, "I Scream, Ice Cream", "Exclamation" and "Wumbers"

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