Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vegan Bites: Sick (Applesauce) Muffins

After making Scat Cookies, we thought it would be okay to follow-up with Sick Muffins;)
These are an excellent choice for upset tummies, with gentle ginger and mild applesauce flavour.
The only sugar is maple syrup. YUM!

Applesauce Muffins
~2c flour
~1t baking soda
~1/2t salt
~1t cinnamon
~1/4t ginger
Combine dry.
~1/2c rice milk
~1T apple cider vinegar
~2T olive oil
~1/3c maple syrup
~1c applesauce
~3/4c raisins
Combine wet.
Mix wet and dry ingredients.
Scoop in muffin tins and bake at 375 for 15-20 mins.
(12-15 minutes for mini muffins.)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sci Fri: Fingerprinting

Baby Powder Prints

A bit of a stretch, but after a weeks worth of Animal Track activities, we decided to celebrate Sci Fri with Fingerprinting.
'E Adventures' offers a lesson plan including printing mediums such as:
~black paper and baby powder
~baby powder and clear packing tape
~ink pads

I thought it would be easy to make prints since they seem to be easy to find all over our house!
But it was actually a challenge to get a good quality print, so we could examine the type of patterns on our fingertips.

Greasy Fingers on Glass

We ended up dipping our fingers in butter (O & Baby C suggested this one!!) and making prints on glass, before dusting them with baby powder.
The results were difficult to see clearly.

Old Fashioned Ink
The old-fashioned ink pad worked very well.
As well as baby powder on packing tape.

 Baby C modifying Mommy's design!

We saved our ink fingerprints and turned them into works of art, courtesy of 'Petit & Small'

O's art was plastered with smiley faces and hats!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Feathered Friends Mask

With a few pieces of (cereal box) cardboard and some pretty brown feathers, we put together Feathered Friends Masks.
It's a great addition to our favourite Mouse & Mole series 'Fine Feathered Friends'.

If you have time, you could whip up some wings.

Or wear an old sweater like Mouse & Mole and roll around in glue and leaves to disguise yourself whilst bird-watching!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snowman for the Bunnies

Since we're on a Rabbit kick, we took advantage of the packing snow and created a snowman the bunnies can access!

I especially love this extremely formal shot of O and Baby C posing with their work, since Baby C is not much bigger than this wee snowman...and has carrot bits covering her mouth.
She beat the bunnies to it!

Rabbit Scat Cookies

We COULD have made pretty little track cookies and decorated them with fine details and made them look professional enough to sell.
Like these....
or these...

Instead we made Rabbit Scat Cookies..and they tasted just as good!

After all, when you are learning about animal tracks it goes hand-in-hand with learning about scat!
(Oddly enough, 'Scat' is a Danish term of endearment, that I could never use with ease!)

Animal Hideout Teepee

 Practice Tying
While we were learning how to spot animal tracks, we starting talking about what animals do for a living!
Other than spending their entire day looking for food, they need to make shelter from predators and the elements.
Since we have rabbits that come in the wee hours of the morning, Hubby has taken our discarded Christmas tree and positioned it near our Bird Bush (where the birds hang out while eating the seeds from our porch) to offer the bunnies shelter from the snow.
Since there are so many lovely Fairy Shelter idea's, we stole this one for the bunnies.

 Skeleton of Teepee
I presented O & Baby C with...
~4 dowel rods of the same length,
~a few pieces of twine and
~a few scraps of fabric,
before asking them if they could use these supplies to make a shelter for local wildlife.

They figured out very quickly how to tie the rods to create a teepee.
The size of cloth caused them some headache, since it didn't wrap around perfectly.

When they finished, there happened to be no entrance-way for an animal to get into.
They told me that he could jump into the top, where they left a little opening.

Then Baby C took it upon herself to remove the fabric and test out the entrance!

They thought it was very funny to pretend they were bunnies!

Absolutely a fully-loaded lesson involving problem-solving, math, engineering, construction, practical life skills and language development to name a few.

Treasured Tee Pee. At nine months pregnant with O, I clearly remember squatting on a stool inside our tee pee, to carefully pin and stitch the linen together. 
This is by far my favourite DIY hubby and I put together for the family to enjoy. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Animal Track Bingo

Bingo card templates are easy to find on the internet.
Once you have a slew of templates, you can create a Bingo game based on any subject under the sun.

Get your game on!
A Bunny? Seriously?

Five in a Row!
The prize?
You get to eat the game pieces!
O deciding to be the 'caller' and not even cheating about it;)

Animal Track Memory Game

These are the prettiest wood slices around!
We're not sure which type of tree these are from (ash?) but the rings are clear, the wood is hearty and we've used them for various projects. I'm a little nervous we'll run out since we don't know the source.

It was easy to print the tracks once the Animal Track Stamps were ready to go.
We opted for a clove brown paint and went to work.
It's best to have disks all the same diameter and width, but a little variation didn't change the game strategy!

Before we introduced Animal Track Bingo, we used the Memory game to familiarize ourselves with the variety of tracks.

Animal Track Stamps

After doing some research from our library loans, we were able to come up with nine different tracks that we would find in our community.
Hubby cut wooden cubes from a 2x2 rod, we sanded them and used foam stickers to cut the prints.
When it was time to stamp, using a paintbrush to apply a thin coat of paint, was a tidier process than dipping (which caused the prints to smear.)

We then used these to create Animal Track Memory & Bingo games, but the stamps are good to go for future projects too.

Animal Scavenger Hunt

Our Animal Scavenger Hunt was planned primarily for Baby C
We were planning so many more advanced games focused on Animal Tracks, that I thought throwing in this activity would be age-appropriate for her.
As it turned out, she had to be heavily coaxed to participate by her excited older sister.
When O was finished and exclaimed, "Let's do it again!!"
Baby C literally let out a long, loud *sigh*!

"Wait For Me!!"

I took a good step back and watched the team work in action!
O gifted Baby C a bucket to collect creatures and helped her climb hard-to-reach hiding spots!

Along with some Trail Mix Bracelets, we talked about what we could include in a Field Bag for exploration.
"Tracks Books!"

Who Was Here?
O really enjoyed this read. On one page are some clues and a picture of the tracks.
The following page is the animal and some simple facts, written story-style.

Animal Tracks; Wild Poems to Read Aloud.
All of the poems are based on animals, though only a few touch on track-finding.
Birds in the Snow
We scatter seeds upon the ground.
And watch the birdies eat.
They make a mark of little stars
Beneath their tiny feet.

Tracks we found!

Bird Wings!
Birds (eating our seeds)
Cat & Squirrel

(the tracks you don't want to find so close to home!)

Trail Mix Bracelets (Go Mix Crown!)

Using whole O cereal and raisins, we prepped some edible bracelets before our Animal Scavenger Hunt.

I was ready to make a bracelet on Baby C's behalf, but she surprised me with her ability and interest, creating her very own, start to finish!

O deemed hers a 'crown'.
She kept forgetting the word for Trail Mix and so dubbed it a 'Go Mix Crown'!

Good snack for hikes and forest jaunts (and Scavenger Hunts!)

Moving Smart Game

Obstacle Course!

Movement activities are always welcome with wee ones. We combined these Moving Smart games with our Animal Track studies this week.
Movement activities are also a great addition to Circle Time.

Opposite Direction
Tape two lines starting together but moving in opposite directions.
See how far you can walk with one foot on each line.

Tiger, Turtle, Tree
One person call out Tiger! Turtle! Tree!
Players have to make the corresponding movements.

Arm Link
Two players stand back to back and link arms.
Call out directions for them to walk.

Giant Steps, Fairy Steps
One person calls out Giant or Fairy Steps.
Players make corresponding movements.

A Moving Child is a Learning Child. The author of this book and blog touches on the Perils of the 'Academic Creep'. A good start to re-evaluating our educations systems trend towards academics and away from old-fashioned childs play.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

ABC's of Yoga

A sweet ABC Yoga Poster was featured courtesy of it's corresponding book.
I was about the purchase the poster, when I remembered how much O loves posing for pictures;)
('Ham for the Cam' )

She was 100% game to photograph the entire alphabet!

Easy Pose
Flower Pose
Lion Pose
Tree Pose
Waterfall Pose


Friends introduced us to the 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' series last year and since, we have made a yoga session  part of our Daily Rhythm. 
There were poses O was already aware of and had loads of practice, while others were a new challenge!
We combined our photo session with the library loan, 'The ABC's of Yoga for Kids' by Teresa Anne Power, featuring a cartoon drawing as well as catchy poem to go with each pose.